How Can I Create an Ad For My Small Business That Will Pull Customers Like Free Beer on a Hot Day?

This article will show you a few points that you should include in your small business advertising so that you can get the most bang for your buck. Use the guidelines in your next ad to increase your bottom line. Read on to find out more.You small business relies on your marketing techniques in order to live. Without a customer there is no business, only a twinkle in the entrepreneur’s eye. So what are a few things you can do to create a top-notch piece of advertising that will pull in customers like moths to a candle?Here is a quick list that you can consider:1. Have you built in scarcity into your ad? There needs to be a limited amount of time, product, or money available so that the customer will be motivated to buy now.2. Do you have a call to action, a reason for the customer to get off the couch and over to your business with their money? Everything that you produce needs to have a call to action.3. Have you included social proof in your ad? Can you show how many other people also like your product, or have taken advantage of it. Do you have actual testimonials with peoples’ full names and addresses, even phone numbers? Do you you have social statistics you can show, so that people feel a sense of wanting to belong with everyone else?4. Can you create an atmosphere of exclusivity about your product. Maybe it has a high price. Perhaps you can show that only a certain amount of people will be qualified to buy what you have.5. Have you created a POSITION for you product so that it is the only solution to a certain problem different than all of your competition?If you can add most, if not all of those guidelines into your advertisement, you will be light years ahead of all the businesses that try to use image advertising to just get there name out.